4 Februari 2023

Baby Gates – Which One Is Better: Pressure Mounted or Hardware Mounted?


Baby gates are important when you have a baby around the house. They will help you in providing better safety for your child. There are two types of baby gates, hardware mounted and pressure mounted. Each of them is installed in specific areas of the house only. Find out here which one best suits your need.

If you need to put a baby gate on top of the stairs, the hardware mounted types fit your bill. They are more secure because they use brackets and tools to attach them to the area, even at asymmetrical angles. Pressure mounted on the other hand is weak in terms of attachment so there is a big tendency that toddlers can topple them down easily.

However, if you don’t like to use tools and your knowledge on them is limited only with screwdrivers or Allen wrench, then pressure mounted types are ideal for you. They don’t require any assembly because they already come pre-assembled and all you need to do is to attach them using pressure. But remember that they are not suitable on top of the stairs.

There are various advantages of pressure mounted gate types. They can be transferred to another place considering the fact that they are not secured with bolts and brackets. They also need less precision in terms of width compared to hardware mounted types that need to be accurate. When the latter is too narrow or too wide, you can never fit them properly without making any adjustments which may cost you another buck.

In addition, you will not only be able to use pressure mounted gates inside your house but also in the house of your friends when you visit them with your child. They are very portable that they can be brought outside your house and fence off whichever area you don’t want your child to go to. They are easy and effective at the same time.

The hardware mounted types offer more security and safety for your child since they are more secure. Though the screw-in brackets make installation somewhat more labor intensive than pressure mounted gates, they are much more secured once installed. Your baby could not easily topple them down. They are very ideal for stair gates to prevent falls. Pressure mounted can never be placed on top of the stairs.

Choosing which type of baby gates depends on your present need. The two types of gates serve their own purpose. Your job is to look for quality gates that will withstand your child’s active lifestyle.


Source by Cathy I