4 Februari 2023

Buying a Refurbished Product: Commonly Asked Questions


Hardware and software companies target the following market segments:

  • Corporate market
  • Small businesses
  • Home users

Among tech companies popular hardware offerings are blade servers, routers, and switches. Other products usually include telephones, security appliances, and computer tablets. Popular industry providers are successful in product branding that includes developing commercial appeal and reputation for producing intelligent, resilient hardware. These companies also create such a high opinion of their equipment that many of their products become popular on the aftermarket, especially in refurbished form.

If you are considering investing in used IT products that have been refurbished, but you have questions about the refurbishing process and the value of such reconditioned hardware, the answers below can be helpful:

What defines a refurbished product?

The term refurbished (a.k.a. reconditioned) refers to two types of products: products that are returned to the manufacturer due to a defect or imperfection that the manufacturer corrects, and pre-owned products that are reconditioned to restore performance and dependability.

In both cases, the products undergo a restoration process that focuses on cleaning, replacing broken or worn parts, and fixing cosmetic problems, resulting in equipment that looks and performs like new.

How do you know if a product has been fully reconditioned?

Sellers of refurbished products are careful to classify them as refurbished, but there is no easy way to know if a product has truly been fully reconditioned, as refurbishing includes restoring the interior of the product. With that said, reconditioned hardware exhibits some telltale signs: it looks new, feels new, and performs like new.

The best way to ensure hardware has been reconditioned is to buy it from a seller that specializes in reconditioning IT equipment.

How much does refurbished hardware cost?

Servers and other hardware that have been reconditioned often sell for at least twenty-five percent less than their original price. In many cases, the discount can be fifty percent or higher. The cost of reconditioned hardware is determined by its age, capabilities, and the brand name.

What type of warranty does refurbished hardware have?

A thirty-day warranty for parts is standard, although some companies offer up to a lifetime warranty. Receiving a good warranty on reconditioned equipment can significantly reduce the cost of owning it. If a seller only offers a thirty-day warranty, finding a seller that offers a longer warranty is the best idea.

What type of technical support do sellers of refurbished products offer?

Some sellers do not offer or supply technical support; while other sellers offer technical support complete with email, live chat, and toll free calling. Receiving technical support is especially important if you are not experienced in troubleshooting tech products, or your company does not staff an IT technician.


Corporations, small businesses, and home computer users around the globe use refurbished products. If you are considering purchasing used hardware, buying it in a refurbished form can result in receiving hardware that looks and performs like new, but sells for twenty-five percent or more off the original price.

To learn more about the benefits of buying reconditioned hardware, contact a seller of refurbished IT equipment today.


Source by Christine Spiller