9 Februari 2023

Refurbished Servers: Tips for Buying the Best Equipment


Refurbished hardware is a smart choice for companies that need entry-class IT support for an affordable price. Long known for producing some of the best hardware on the market, high-end companies are also reputable for the quality of its used servers – a testament to the resilience top-notch companies’ hardware design. If you are considering investing in pre-owned hardware, the tips below will help you select the right equipment.

Consider Your Future IT Needs

Unless your IT needs are set in stone, you should look into the IT manager’s crystal ball to catch a glimpse of what your network will look like in three years. Specific products offer excellent scalability for entry-class hardware, but if your network demands the far edge of that scalability, it may be more sensible to purchase a server that is designed for mid-range IT needs.

Look for a Good Warranty

What is a good warranty for used servers? To some companies, it is a warranty for parts and labor that lasts longer than ninety days, but other companies insist on receiving a lifetime warranty for parts and labor. Most refurbished hardware should be dependable, but receiving a lifetime warranty is an awesome way to protect your investment. Always ask about the terms of the seller’s warranty before you make a purchase, and try to find a seller that offers a lifetime warranty.

Find a Seller that Offers Excellent Customer Service

When it comes to hardware, excellent customer service involves more than politeness and professionalism; it also involves helping the customer select the right hardware, and providing technical support after the purchase. Companies that staff IT experts may not need additional technical support, but companies that lack an official IT department typically do.

Ask about the Seller’s Refurbishing Process

How the seller refurbishes (i.e. reconditions) the product affects its reliability. Full-scale reconditioning involves cleaning the product inside and out, replacing parts that are recalcitrant, or have a reputation for poor performance, and correcting aesthetic imperfections. Some sellers take a more thorough approach to reconditioning than others. Before you buy something that has been refurbished, make sure that the reconditioning process meets your expectations.

Investigate the Seller’s Background

When a seller offers a lifetime warranty and excellent customer service, it is probably safe to buy from. To be sure that this is the case, request several references from the seller, and check its record at the Better Business Bureau (BBB). In addition, make sure that seller has a physical business location, and has sold hardware professionally for at least two years.


Investing in refurbished servers is an excellent way for companies that have entry-class IT needs to save money. If your company is in the market for systems hardware, the tips above are helpful for finding quality equipment that is sold by a reputable seller. For more information about selecting used servers and other types of pre-owned hardware, contact a seller of new and pre-owned IT components today.


Source by Christine Spiller