1 Februari 2023

The Desire By HTC Combines Versatile Software With Highly Capable Hardware


The HTC Desire is currently among the most popular smartphones available on the market featuring a wide-ranging and imposing spec list. Its popularity is totally understandable, taking in account all the included features as well as its affordable price.

The HTC Desire basically has all that it takes to be a successful product. It boasts a large AMOLED capacitive touch screen of 3.7 inches, an extremely customizable HTC Sense User Interface and plus it is a lightweight handset. It has a lengthy list of features, such as the FriendStream, which is a unique social networking app that sorts data from numerous feeds and then displays them on one single screen according to contact and not to source. It uses Android operating system v2.1 and an excellent 1 GHz processor. It is certainly a great addition to the collection of available smartphones out there.

The access to the Android market allows users to enter a database that contains numerous downloadable apps, which can be purchased or even downloaded for free. With this option the overall functionality of the HTC Desire can be greatly and extensively improved. There is basically an app for virtually anything that users can imagine. Just with a few touches of the screen, users can download a huge number of games, content and programs from the Android Market from an array of different categories.

It is extremely easy to browse the internet with the powerful snapdragon processor. Using a 3G or Wi-Fi connection users achieve such a high speed internet access as with a broadband connection on their home computer. It has a Flash enabled web browser and thus flash videos and animation can be viewed on the sites and that feature is not so common on most phones. The AMOLED screen is perfect for viewing sites with rich content and it only takes a double a tap to enlarge smaller text. This is possible through the pinch to zoom which scales the text automatically to best fit the screen. Thus, users don’t have to scroll up and down the site. The text on the website can also be easily highlighted and displayed with several options. Users are able to copy it to the clipboard, search it on search engines or in Wikipedia or even translate it via Google Translate with just one touch of the screen.

A 5 mega pixel camera can be found on the back of the HTC Desire which takes quality (5:3 Widescreen) pictures at a 2592 x 1944 pixel resolution. The digital camera comes with a comprehensive package of software offering numerous image enhancing features. The photos can be edited and also shared through the social networks of choice. Video footages can also be shot with the camera in similar good quality as the still images. It is a great phone for photography fans ad for occasional amateur photographers as well.

The extensive internal medial player supports a large number of video and music file formats. Multitasking presents no problem whatsoever, thanks to the powerful processor, making it possible for users to browse the internet while listening to music.

Overall, the HTC Desire is virtually flawless. It is almost perfect from all points of view, including software, hardware and function and it is no wonder that it is such a popular mobile phone around the world.


Source by Chris Westley