4 Februari 2023

Xbox 360 3 Red Light Fix – Fix Red Rings of Death Error in Just One Hour – Easy Fix


Xbox 360 is videogame console developed by Microsoft Corporation and introduced in the year 2005. The hardware for the Xbox was built by Microsoft after years of research in the hardware field. Though Microsoft is a giant in producing software, they are very new to the hardware field. Microsoft has involved themselves into this field because of the growing demand in this area and there is a worldwide craze for video gaming.


The two main components of Xbox 360 are the CPU and the GPU. It has a power ring to indicate the status of the console. Heat sinks are provided to absorb the heat generated with the processors and intercoolers are provided to cool them. It has the capability of connecting the console to any external joysticks according to the games. It has a CD-ROM using which we can add new games to the system and has a large storage space for saving the game.


After its introduction to the market, many hardware failures have been reported to the Microsoft regarding its Xbox 360 console. Microsoft has stated that these problems were due to the overheating of the console. It also added that, the failure in the intercooler is also a cause for this problem. The power used by the intercooler is very large and that the power is taken from the main source to the motherboard. All these reasons combine together and make the power ring to glow in red color. The most commonly occurring problem is the three red light error.

Since Microsoft is very new to the hardware field, they also lacked in testing the device which they developed. Poor design of the device lead to the inadequate air flow to the processors to cool them. Though there are two heat sinks for each processor, the problem has raised only with the graphical processing unit. Regarding this hardware failures, Microsoft has announced that for those whose consoles warranty period has not expired need not pay any amount of money to get their console repaired. Also apart from this you need to wait for getting the console back to you. Once you have send the console to Microsoft service centre, you have to wait for at least four to eight weeks to get them back.


For those who do not prefer this solution can opt for another alternate solution. You can repair the console by yourself in your home. For this you need to watch some video tutorials which are available in the internet and require some simple tools like screw driver, etc. The main objective is that you need to remove the X clamp from the motherboard and fix the heat sink without the help of the X clamp. So, you need some crew and bolt to fix the heat sink to the motherboard. It’s very easy. This arrangement helps to provide a better air flow to the motherboard. The most important benefit is that you can fix the console within one or two hours and you can start playing game on the same day.


Source by Mckenzie J