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Personal Backup
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Personal Backup is a comprehensive software that helps users to create backups of their important data and save it to any destination folder. The program is equipped with a variety of features that enable users to customize their backup preferences, including the selection of data to be backed up, destination folders, backup tasks, and additional functions.

Personal Backup FEATURES:

Selection of Data to be Backed Up

The program offers various options for selecting the files to be backed up. Users can choose to include or exclude subdirectories by selection or filter, and select files based on file type, age, and name filter. The selection is made on a by-folder basis, and all sub-folders are included automatically.

Selection of Backup Destination

Personal Backup allows users to select any folder located on a local fixed or removable drive, on a Windows network server, or on an FTP server as the destination for their backup files. The original drives appear as subdirectories named DrvC, DrvD, etc., and the program offers the option to compress and/or encrypt data using AES algorithm.

Backup Tasks

The program enables users to create and save as many backup tasks as they wish. These tasks can be started manually or automatically using a time schedule, with several options available for scheduling backups. Users can also initiate a backup using Windows Task Scheduler or call a one-click backup of a directory using the Windows Explorer context menu.

Performing a Backup

Personal Backup offers several ways to perform a backup, including checking the file timestamps to save only newer files or using the archive bit of the files. Experienced users can configure alternating backups consisting of one full and several differential or incremental backups.

Data Restore

Aside from creating backups, Personal Backup also provides functions to verify and restore backed-up data, as well as delete selected files and directories.

Other Features:

The program supports full Unicode and long path-lengths, and automatically checks for updates at periodic intervals.

Important Note: Personal Backup is not suitable for backing up system data.

To operate the program, a Control Panel (see screenshot at right) is provided. The panel presents a summary of all important information about the user-defined backups in a clearly-arranged form. Just a few clicks are required to change the configurations and start an action.

Changes in version (2024-01-20):


  • Import and export of backup schedules for Windows Task Scheduler


  • Display of filter settings in the log
  • Optional parallel execution of multiple backups when starting via the Windows task scheduler
  • DeviceBackup: Command line options

Bug fixes:

  • Check for overlapping source and destination when backing up single files

Changes in version (2023-12-19):


  • If a file does not exist at destination no temporary file is used (also FTP)
  • Restore: enhanced status display if no files were found

Bug fixes:

  • Synchronization of gz files
  • PbPlaner: EventLoggging

Changes in version (2023-11-14):

  • Optional verification of server certificate for FTPS
  • Optimization for FTP transfer of many small files in one directory

Bug fixes:

  • Backup task editing: dark mode display
  • Evaluation of the command line option “/prompt:delay”
  • Detection if Windows Task Scheduler 2.0 is not availabale
  • DeviceBackup: retrieving the filename
  • GnuGetText: retrieving the display language setting

Homepage – https://personal-backup.rathlev-home.de

Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 (32-bit, 64-bit).

Personal Backup screenshot

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