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Kaspersky Premium – 50% OFF

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Kaspersky Premium – 50% OFF

Kaspersky Premium – 50% OFF
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Kaspersky Premium protects your digital life with the ultimate plan, which offers award-winning antivirus, privacy and identity protection, performance optimisation. The program also includes the must-have premium benefits:

  • Fast, Unlimited VPN (worth 25,99 € per year)
  • Secure Password Manager and Vault (worth 11,99 € per year)
  • Premium 24/7 Remote IT Support

Kaspersky Home Security Products up to 50% OFF

Kasperky’s multilayered protection secures your devices and data 24/7, so you can rest easy knowing that we are there, finding and removing common and complex cyberthreats as they happen.

  • Antivirus. Continuously protects your devices against viruses and malware, including complex threats like fileless attacks and rootkits.
  • Anti-Hacking. Blocks malicious sites, phishing emails, infected ads, and credit card skimmers created by hackers to steal your data.
  • Anti-Ransomware. Monitors your PC for ransomware and stops any attack before it happens, ensuring your files can’t be held hostage.

Security Features:


Multilayered protection designed to prevent and neutralize viruses and malware.

  • Real-Time Antivirus. Continuously scans your devices for viruses, worms, Trojans, CryptoLockers, rootkits, and spyware — guarding you against both new and established online threats.
  • Instant Threat Detection. Delivers real-time, non-stop analysis of files, apps, and websites across your computers, safeguarding you and your data via rapid threat detection.
  • Safe Web Browsing. Triggers screen alerts if you attempt to visit sites considered dangerous or potentially dangerous. It makes this assessment using a list of sites that have been attacked before, and asks you if you wish to proceed or not.
  • Malicious Link Detector. Works by referencing data from the Kaspersky Security Network to analyze links on webpages you open, informing you about malicious web addresses and color coding individual URLs based on their threat level.


Tools to prevent unauthorized access and hijacking of your computer. Includes anti-ransomware, firewall, and cryptojacking protection.

  • Anti-Ransomware. Monitors your PC in real-time to identify activity that matches ransomware behavior. This means suspicious activity can be blocked instantly, stopping ransomware attacks from locking you out of your machines.
  • Network Attack Blocker. Detects suspicious activity and blocks direct attacks, so cybercriminals can’t threaten your security or stop your computer from performing as it should.
  • Two-Way Firewall. Helps prevent hackers from attacking your PC by providing both incoming and outgoing network request detection – enabling you to view, assess, and manage every inbound and outbound connection that’s made.
  • Cryptojacking Protection. Prevents the unauthorized use of your PC resources for cryptocurrency mining, so your device performance isn’t compromised.

Existing Threat Removal

Technologies to detect vulnerabilities, remove viruses, and repair your infected PC.

  • Microsoft Windows Troubleshooting. Removes malware that got into your Windows device before you installed security. Also finds and fixes issues with your internet connection.
  • Emergency Recovery. You can save your PC from existing viruses by downloading Kaspersky Rescue Disk on a flash drive and running it on the infected computer to recover the OS and data.
  • Application Vulnerability Scan. Scans and identifies vulnerabilities in the apps already installed on your devices to help stop infections.
  • Rootkit Scan. Checks your computer and operating system for any malware that’s so deeply ingrained in your device that it starts up even before your OS.

Boost your devices for optimal performance

  • Device Space Clean Up. Removes duplicate and large files from your PC and declutters unused apps from your Android phone.
  • Hard Drive Health Monitor. Constantly monitors the health of your PC’s hard disk, and notifies you instantly if any problems are detected.
  • App & Software Management. Alerts you as soon as app updates become available, so your apps and devices stay fast and secure.
  • Windows PC Speed Up. Allows you to turn off data-hungry apps and stop some apps from opening as you switch your PC on, helping it run faster.

Keep your online activity private and anonymous

Get online privacy and freedom with VPN client

  • Encrypt your data on risky public Wi-Fi
  • Hide your IP address, even from your ISP
  • Unlock content from all around the world

Protect your money and personal data

  • Make payments via an encrypted browser
  • Stop annoying and malicious online ads on your PC
  • Secure your passwords in a private vault
  • Auto-fill your address and card details safely

Homepage – https://usa.kaspersky.com

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7
  • macOS 11 – 14
  • Android 8 – 14
  • iOS 15 – 17

Technical Requirements

  • Internet connection
  • Memory RAM: Min 1 GB (PC) or 2 GB (Mac)
  • Disk Space: Min 1.5 GB (PC) or 3.1 GB (Mac)

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